Recruitment & Training

We know that it’s only through people that a business can grow

We are dedicated to providing the best quality recruitment and training support for businesses across the Northern region of Northern Ireland. We have experience in developing and strengthening businesses, large and small, through a range of solutions, including:


We work with national and local employers providing a bespoke service to manage every element of the recruitment process, from vacancy profiling through to sourcing your future employees.

We take the time to understand your business and identify your staffing needs. We'll help you to design your vacancy to attract the right candidates, as well as advertise the vacancies and pre-screen applicants saving you time and money. We also have a pool of job-ready participants to meet even the most immediate staffing needs.

Pre-Employment Training

We run fully-funded, tailored training programmes based on the business needs of the employers we work with. This means that any candidate we put forward for interview is equipped with the skills needed to excel in the role and contribute as an active member of staff from day one.

Post-Employment Support

Once we place a candidate with you, we continue to invest time and resources to ensure they can make an immediate impact in your organisation.

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Joining us on site

We work with the employers to build a training environment that replicates their real business activities to train participants from Steps 2 Success with the business-specific knowledge and skills needed to fill your vacancies.

What are the benefits?

As a Host Employer in our Employment Training Centres you could benefit from a range of features, all designed to ease your staffing requirements:

  • Free set-up and installation of workplace areas

  • Equipment, facilities and floor space to meet your needs

  • Bespoke recruitment solutions and training to find the right candidates

  • Replicated on-the-job work experience, guidance and support

More importantly, our model is designed to ensure that the experience offers you tangible value. Our Employment Training Centres will save you time and money as there is no direct cost for our service. The Steps 2 Success Programme is funded by the Department for Employment and Learning, and by working together we are providing participants on the programme with the experience and skills needed to match employer vacancies.

As a Host Employer, you will have the confidence and security of knowing that your current and prospective employees are being trained in an environment that meets your standards.

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